Simulation/Medical Emergencies

Airway Management of Odontogenic Infections

Site: Highland Hospital
Faculty: Akshay Govind, DMD, MD, MPH
Contact information: [email protected]

Evaluating In-Office Emergency Prepardness in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residents Using a Structured Clinical Simulation Curriculum

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons safely perform thousands of in-office procedural sedations per year in the United States. One key aspect of performing safe in-office sedations is appropriate preparation for medical emergencies through clinical simulations. Using the simulation center at Highland Hospital, oral and maxillofacial surgery residents are guided through a structured curriculum with interval assessments of medical knowledge and skills assessments. 

Site: Highland Hospital
Faculty: Ricardo Lugo, DDS, MD
Contact information: [email protected]

Medical Emergency Simulation

Site: San Francisco VA Medical Center
Faculty: Shelley Miyasaki, DDS, PhD
Contact information: [email protected]